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. >> the rio grand river in south texas, places a hundred feet from water, separates mexico from the u.s. >> it is rough down here. >> and that's putting it lightly. >> almost every single day, the smugglers try and use the river to move drugs, weapons, and people into our homeland. >> the people that we go up against with the drug cartels, they have unlimited moneys. they have unlimited fire power. >> but these new 34-foot boats posting 900 horsepower should help serve as a deter deterent. law enforcement has to be one step ahead of the game. bullet proof shields to fully automatic machine guns that fire off 900 rounds a minute. >> very important for us to be armed. >> they have to be. the united states shares with mexico the vast majority of it is with the lone star state. and the terrain here is unique compared to california, new mexico, or arizona. >> we have 1250 miles of border with mexico. all of which there is water inbetween. and because of the remoteness and the ruggedness of it, they are not able to put fences in places. they are unable to cover the vast remoteness. t
trade in the texas heat at any time for the humidity. >>> straight ahead here on the news edge. >> i'm sue palka, brian, we had a beautiful day today. get ready for the heat, we have a right heat advisory in effect story tomorrow -- for tomorrow. dean go away. fox 5 news will be back.  . >>> tonight, a fox 5 investigation, you don't want to miss. the there are colleges in name only, diploma mills where degrees can be bought and paid for. they learned some professors at a local university earned their ph.ds from one theseup accredited schools. fox 5 sherri ly is here with the preview. >> reporter: it cost $39,000 at a legitimate university. that is not how some got their ph.ds. our fox 5 investigation uncovered a university of the british virgin islands with no address but a post office box. it's the place where three udc professors claimed they got their ph.ds. we checked out the university and it's not recognized by the department of education or any recognized accrediting agencies in the u.s. and britain. by federal law, it meets the definition of a den lema mill. >> do you
bonding in waco, texas. that story is coming up in sports. laura. >> and thank you. breaking habits, especially for a smoke orangutan in indonesia and he's been hooked on cigarettes for a decade and the zoo keepers want him to kick the habit. the problem is visitors keep throwing her lit cigarettes through the exhibit. the zoo is moving her to a private island on the property. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go? friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. . >>> the majority of americans would vote for an atheist president. a new gallop poll shows 54% would support putting a, quote, well-qualified candidate and the same group would vote for a gay or lesbian candidate or muslim president. the public is growing acceptness. -
." >> i'll tell you about some texas teens who share an extraordinary gift. >> coming up, i'll show you how to go from the fleece of a sheep to the wool of a scarf. >> that and lots more, right now on "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm siena. here's our top story for this week. >> it's no secret that american teens need to get healthier. but that can be a challenge, especially because a lot of us like eating in places where food is fast and cheap. nicole tells us why some fast food can be a fast route to health problems later in life. >> i like cheeseburgers and fries. >> i'd have to say french fries. >> if i could find a really good hamburger... >> my favorite fast food would be onion rings because they're just really delicious. >> it tastes great, and it's pretty affordable. so what's the problem? >> well, there is a problem, but only if we're eating too often in fast-food restaurants, or we're making choices that aren't as healthy for us in a fast-food restaurant. yes, notoriously, fast food can be high in fat, calories, sodium, and missing some
. >> at least a fairly clear day tomorrow. >> and thank you, gwen. >> a gruesome find in south texas. rangers keep discovering dead bodies on several properties and it's starting to spread texas police way too thin. casey segal explains tonight. >> reporter: for years, ranchers across the u.s.-mexico border shared concerns about illegal activity happening on their land. we're talking about humans, weapons, and drugs being smuggled across their private property that now some say this they're seeing a gruesome twist. illegal immigrants dieing on their property as they make a trek across the rough and hot and rugged terrain n. brooks county, texas, 64 bodies turned up last year and officials say they're on track to go past 100 this year. the sheriff's department there has nine deputies responsible for patrolling an area nearly two times the size of los angeles. and. >> this is quite a task. quite challenging. every day is a new challenge. >> reporter: officials estimate the cost at about $1,500 per investigation for a department that has a total operating budget of $484,000 for the entire year.
obama's healthcare overhaul. >> and police in texas arrest a criminal using a wendy's drive through for more than just fast food. what the man was sneaking into customers' bags that is getting him locked up for decades. that and much, much more coming up on the news at 10. at 10.  . >>> governors from all over the country are in virginia tonight. they're here for a three-day bipartisan national governor's association meeting. one of the hot topics is the federal healthcare reform plan. peter deucey has more. >> reporter: more than half of america's governors are here in williamsburg, about 2 1/2 weeks after the supreme court said there won't be a penalty for any state that has a governor and who decides not to expand their medicaid programs under the affordable care act. some state executives here say they glad that they'll be able to opt out if they want to, since there is some concern about what their tab will be in three years when the federal government the figure stops paying the medicade expansion. >> if you want us to expand medicaid and you noon going to give us the abilit
was buried in her hometown of san antonio, tex t. -- texas. matt mcquinn is other being laid to rest in ohio. he shieldd his girlfriend from the gun fire. the charges will be on monday. there will be no cameras allowed in the courtroom that day and holmes is not expected to make statements. 12 people died and 58 others were wounded in the shooting. >>> the tax cut today continue on capitol hill. democrats are pushing for extensions for those making less than $250,000 a year and foxee peter ducey has more. >> reporter: president obama said his tax plan would give everyone a tax break but for the top 2% of earners. republicans continue to say since the top 2% are the job creators, it would not be smart to take money out of their pockets. >> unfortunately, washington democrats' default position is to allow everyone's taxes sky rocket if congress doesn't agree to their plan to raise taxes on one of the most productive segments on our economy. >> reporter: president obama said that is not right. >> republicans in congress and their nominee for president believe that the best way to create prospe
is used to it because it was similar in texas that he had to handle the media. he does handle it well. he never talks about himself. as many things that are happening to him, his commercials, his new deal, he always says it's not about me, it's about the team and he feels like he has to earn their respect. >> this town is not baylor, texas. >> there were about 50 people out there today. i'm not sure he has had 50 people, we'll see. >> the questions get tough, too. thank you, lindsey. something new that the skins fans may see this season. advertising at fedex field parking lot. the prince georges county council approved a measure yesterday that allowed the team to place advertising on its signs. normally businesses are not allowed to do this, but the council made an exception. all the money generated from the signs go to the team. not the county. >>> coming up next, questions about campaign corruption continue to dog d.c. mayor, vincent gray. and later, have you heard of a diploma mill? colleges that sell phd's, and three local professors got their degrees from a diploma mill. [ male an
in texas that claimed 11 lives and the border patrol is involved in the investigation. >> also ahead, a look at this week's forecast, hazy, hot and humid. you know the drill. some showers could be heading our way later in the day. tucker will have more coming up. fox 5 morning news back in just a moment. >>> new this morning, we have an update on a deadly accident in southern texas. the drive of a pickup truck loaded with takes drove off a road and hit two trees. this was about 100 miles southeast of san antonio. at least 11 people were killed. the border patrol has now joined the investigation and officers are looking into whether the victims are illegal immigrants. >>> in cheap arc the heaviest rain in beijing? 06 years has killed 37 people. dozen more are dead outside the capital. the rain fell so quickly over the weekend that people got trapped in their cars and buses. twenty-five of those killed drowned in the flood waters. six died when houses collapsed and five people were electrocuted by downed power lines. >>> live look outside right now. it is a little -- that is fog or haz
earhart -- ansly earhart, fox news. >>. and i there is no debate in texas over the rejecting parts of the healthcare law. republican governor rick perry said the state won't expand medicaid or create an online marketplace for patients to shop for insurance and texas has the largest ununshired rates in the country -- uninsured rates in the country. 66.2million people in the state don't have health insurance. we're talking about this issue and the latest challenges to the affordable care act at 8. health and human services th is cathleen sebelius will join us here on fox 5 morning news. >>> what michael bloomberg had in mind when cracking down on soda prices and is facing a lot of backlash over. this a rally dubbed the million big gulp march was held yesterday and only a few dozen people stepped out. they say it steps on personal freedom. >> that is a big issue up there. shouldn't we be allowed to drink what we want? >> and some people feel you should be responsible for your own health. >> and i used to love one every day. it was too much for me. >> after awhile it takes the toll. >>
was seeing the movie with his two teenaged children, 51-year-old gordon stanley says he was a true texas gentleman. 18-year-old alexander boyd, a recent high school graduate was described as a ball of joy by friends. his girlfriend, who was at the theater with him, survived. everyone expected them to get married. serving alongside him was 29- year-old jessie childress. he was a cybersystems operator. 32-year-old rebecca wingo was a mother two of and described as having a bubbly personality. she worked in customer relations. >>> some of our other top stories, at least 11 people were killed and 12 others injured when the driver of a pickup truck drove off the road and hit two trees. this is a photograph of the crash scene. it happened in a rural town about 100 miles southeast of san antonio. the accident may have been caused by a blown tire. >>> the ncaa shut down penn state's football program. at the very least, the school will get hit way $30 million fine in the fallout over the sandusky child abuse scandal. the sanctions will be announced at 9:00 a.m. at a press conference. we'll carry
fields for farmers who said this is the worst drought the state has seen in a decade n. texas, they're having the opposite problem. >> and this is incredible. a week's worth of rain. >> the rain is refusing to let up around houston, trees are down and streets flooded, bayous are overflowing. the rise of water is a growing concern for home owners. >> and that is -- and so far, we're okay. and down the street. >> reporter: forecasters say the heavy rain which has fallen across the golf coast and southeast will shift toward the tennessee and ohio valleys today and tomorrow. several inches of rain and flash flooding will be possible with the heaviest downpours. in new york, anna coinman, fox news. >>> a new report finds most americans believe that climate change is real. "the washington post" stanford university poll shows 6-10 weather patterns have been more unstable the last flee years and half believe president obama wants to take action on global warming and 11% said it's a goal of mitt romney. 55% of americans say a good amount can be done to stop global warming, 60% disagree. >> i
number one in his academy class six years ago. he was just 24 years old. >>> a texas cemetery gaining national criticism after banning american flags on grave story. the board voted to reduce clutter at grave sites. american flags rpg now only allowed to be placed on veterans' graves on memorial and veterans day. many people are outraged. >> a veteran didn't find two weeks out of the year to serve his country two weeks out of the year or four weeks if you count both holidays. if the relatives so desire to honor their veterans 365 days a year, it should be allowed. >> city officials argue the cemetery cleanup effort is a sign of their commitment to veterans and their families. the board agreed banning american flags was an oversight and will reverse the ordinance. >>> just ahead on the news edge, it's the making of a made for tv movie. a millionaire's mysterious and dramatic death revealed. >>> the first several thousand people tested their bravery during the annual running of the bulls in spain. there were serious injuries during the first leg of the race. the animals knocked over sev
, which comes in at number 10. and houston, texas, takes the top honor, as the coolest city in the country. forbes defiance coolest havingol plentyes of entertainment, green space, sports teams, and, oh, i can't, good jobs. those are -- oh, yeah, those arr very important. and we are a cooler city! >> certainly, and we hope we will continue that trend. we may need to get out, but ver cool list, i'm glad to hear what the definition of cool i agree with we want you to see as we look live, we are rain-free, there could be a spotty shower in the overnight hours. and there could be some fog, but let's get straight to the headlines so you can see what we're expecting heading into the workweek. tuesday's fog to be a lot likelo -- goingt to be a lot like todd only difference might be one or two more thunderstorms floatingu aroundnd in the afternoon. i so n we'll watch that. there could be a little fog overnight. so with those storms around, nothing is expected to be severe, but we will stay humid, so thiaminases any storms mayes have a the potential of droppinf good rain on your a
to maryland from texas. >> not as humid as it would be there. your clothes would be sticking to you, but hot's hot. >> reporter: and after three days, the water's back. electricity is restored. now that it's no longer being used to fill water jugs and the potomac river is back to a more typical july day, it's being used for having fun and keeping cool. in frederick county, maryland, beth parker, fox 5 news. >>> to virginia now where the daunting task is getting the power back on for tens of thousands of customers. hole morris followed crews as they got to work from -- holly morris-from-followed crews as they got to work. >> reporter: it's hard to believe this is the scene four days after the storm. this is what many power crews are still facing, a testament to how bad that storm was. dan is with dominion virginia power and we're on the street in anandale and this is reality. >> this is what our customers are enduring now. we can't get in to fix this and have to get the trees out of here before we can get back in and better get our crews to get the lights back o. >> people understand the proc
of texas and mitt romney to the swing state of pennsylvania. both men are focusing on the same topics. craig bosswell has the latest. >> reporter: they separated by more than 1,000 miles but president obama and mitt romney landed a lot of jabs. they pummeled romney on outsourcing. >> he invested made money that was pioneers of outsourcing. >> reporter: the obama campaign continues to accuse romney of misleading the public about bain capital. texas has not voted for a presidential candidate since 1976. >> my opponent thought it was a good idea to let detroit go bankrupt. >> reporter: mitt romney hit the stage in pennsylvania and came out swinging, too. >> he has no now ideas forgetting the economy going and no one new to blame. where's out of touch with what is happening in the country and that is why in november, we're going to put him out of office. [ applause ] >> reporter: he continued to accuse the president of political favoritism he said led to outsourcing. >> i'm ashamed to say we're seeing our president hand out money to the businesses of campaign contributors. >> reporter: bo
who say this is the worse drought the state has seen in a decade. in texas they're having the opposite problem. >> it's kind of incredible. we've had about a week's worth of rain. just every day it's been rain, rain, of single morning. >> reporter: the rain refusing to let up around houston. the rising water is a growing concern for homeowners. >> i don't have flood insurance and i just bought the house, but so far we're okay even though down the street they're flooded. in. >> reporter: forecasters say the heavy rain which fell across the gulf coast and southeast will shift towards the tennessee and ohio valleys today and tomorrow. several inches of rain and flash flooding will be possible with the heaviest downpours. in new york anna coyman, fox news. >> shawn, we had that kind of heavy downpour here tuesday night when we had flash flooding in the bloomingdale avenue along rhode island avenue. what we will watch is that potential for the weekend. let me show you behind me this is a doppler estimation of how much rain has fallen. to give you some idea you're looking at the reaus ther
guided by gps. but watch what happens when todd humphries and his team from the university of texas punch a few keystrokes into this computer. >> 2, 1, capture! >> reporter: the drone goes wildly off course, now receiving instructions, not from gps, but from a transmitter that sends false signals to the drone's navigation system, a so-called spoofer. the effect is so dramatic, a safety pilot with a radio control has to save the drone from crashing. >> spoofing a gps receiver on a uav is another way of hijacking a plane. >> reporter: if that sounds shocking, it's because it is. with this experiment, humphries has illuminated a gaping hole in the government's plan to open up u.s. air space to gps-guided drones. >> in five and 10 years, we've got 30,000 of those drones in habiting the national air space, each one of these could be a potential missile to be used against us. >> reporter: until now, gps-guided drones have been limited mostly to the battlefield in places like iraq, afghanistan and yemen, or patrolling our southern border. earlier this year, congress ordered the faa to come up wi
kidnapped. >>> now to the campaign trail, president obama headed to the red state of texas today. fox's craig boswell has more on the road to the white house. >> they were separated by more than a thousand miles, but president obama and mitt romney landed plenty of verbal jabs. slammed his republican rivals. >> he invested, made money investing in companies that had been called pioneers of outsourcing. >> the obama campaign accuses him of misusing his ten tenure. he is raising money in texas. >> my opponent thought it was a good idea to let detroit go bankrupt. >> mitt romney hit the stage in pennsylvania and came out swinging, too. >> he is out of ideas. he's got no new ideas for getting the economy going. he has no one new to blame. he is out of touch with what's happening in the country and that's why in november, we're going to put him out of office. >> the presumed republican nominee continued to accuse the president of political favoritism that also led to outsourcing. >> i'm ashamed to say that we are seeing our president hand out money to the businesses of campaign con
voter identification law in texas that law requires voters to show photo id when they go to the polls. officials say the law will prevent voter fraud they are trying to prevent a three judge panel to up hold it the justice department wants the law thrown out the law violates the federal votes lights act. the trial is expected to last five days. >>> new developments on the health care overhaul bill rick perry, has said his state will not implicate a medicaid expansion or health care insurance exchange perry is just the latest to join campaigners against the two provisions perry spoke to fox news about the decision. >> well t bottom line here is that medicaid, is a sales program. to expand this program, is not unlike adding a thousand people to the titanic. it is not going to be a part of again socializing health care in the state of texas and going in direct conflict with our founding fathers, wishes and freedom for that matter. >> federal government plans to implement insurance exchanges resist the health care plan governor brewer is asking the supreme court to over turn a ruling, all
messages. like they being punished twice. >>> coming up, the debate over texas continues on that campaign trail as president obama and mitt romney travel to states that could be crucial to the november elect. >>> and the new book giving the insight into the uss cole bombing. why a lack of action ultimately sealed our fate on 9/11. >> and a teenager jumps from a chair lift on the beach y. she was forced to take such a drastic measure. tic measure. . >>> president obama and mitt romney hit the campaign trail today. the president in iowa, the former governor in colorado. both candidates are looking for spirit support in two states crucial to wing the november elect. craig bosswell has the latest. >> reporter: president obama takes his middle-class tax pitch to cedar rapids, iowa. >> doesn't it make sense for us to agree to keep taxes low for 98% of americans who are working hard and can't afford a tax hike right now. >> reporter: today's rally comes a day after the president called for a temporary extension of the bush era tax cuts. they expire at the end of the year and he wants them kept i
texas gentleman. 18-year-old alexander body, a resent high school graduate was described as a ball of joy by friends. his girlfriend survived. everyone expected them to get married of the serving alongside larimer was jesse childress a cyber systems operator. rebecca wingo was a mother of two. she worked in customer relations. a vigil remembering the lives lost will take place tonight at aurora city hall at 6:30. >>> coming up in a few minutes, we will go live to aurora and hear from a man who says he knew something wasn't right when holmes tried to join his gun club. >>> back in the district, thousands of people were on the national mall to kick off a huge international aids conference. they rallied and marred from the washington monument. that is where john henrehan is live. >> reporter: maureen, this international conference on hiv aids is huge. 25,000 delegates are assembling in washington. it's the first time in 22 years this conference is in the u.s. because only recently has america relaxed the previously stringent rules that kept hiv positive people out of the country. the
the mics getting cut off. we'll be right back.  >>> a texas man's car was stolen in 1970 and notices it's on ebay. isn't that my car on ebay? he has spent years searching the internet for his 1969 austin healey sports car. finally found it. was able to get it back from the dealer selling it. he says it still runs, but the brakes don't work as well. man. >>> listen to this story, how could i not have been at this concert? the plug got pulled on bruce springsteen and paul mccartney playing together. happened saturday night during a concert in london. the boss already exceeded the 10:30 p.m. deadline by half an hour, when mccartney and his band joined him on stage. they got through a few songs before organizers were forced to cut off their microphones. the crowd filled the silence with loud boos. stephen van zandt tweeted -- >> meantime, london's mayor said the singers should have been allowed to keep going. there he is with his beatles wig. >> he's a fan. >> he said -- >> he looks like darryl hammond from "saturday night live" wearing a crazy wig. >> that's an awful head of hair. >> i
on passengers. what you need to know about today's commute. >>> a horrific seen on a texas highway. a pickup truck loses control killing nearly a dozen. we have the latest on that situation. >>> as president obama meets with survivors of the colorado massive shooting, some in the nation's capital debate the gun laws. we will take a closer look. >> a live look outside. traffic is not too bad in that spot on the beltway. lauren demarco will be here to tell us what is happening across the area. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, i'm barack obama and i approve this message. for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood... >>> making headlines, a tragic accident in south texas involving 23 people. around 7:00 a pickup truck left the highway and crashed into trees killing 11 people including children. now, police say all of the victims were in the same ford f 250 pickup. we are told some of the survivors have life-threatening injuries. >>> tak
over texas heat any day, so, you know, i am feeling comfortable out here and that will be fun. if it's cold outside and i have seen them do it before, i won't and they go and play football when it's 20 degrees outside and that is about your mind set. if you say it's shot -- hot, it will will be a bad day. >> and do -- did you lose two points from april? >> i am 225 today. and it doesn't matter what my weight is. in college, they tell you to weigh a certain weight. in the pros, you play what you comfortable at and as long as i'm from 218 to 225, i should be fine. >> sounds like being humble is helping you gain the trust and respect of your teammates. is there anything else you are doing? >> and they see how hard i work and you talk to them about a little things and what is lasting long and what they copper can long in the leg and sometimes people, people think it's what you say when you're in the huge group that makes people think yew a leader. sometimes it's the conversations you have with guys and i think i have done a lot of that and not intensionally, but happens and that is to so
. south carolina... bloomington, california... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love. this is for everyone back home. it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. >> mitt romneyee teneurat bain was the focus this week. this is what president obama said saturday. >> where as my opponent in his private business was investing in companies that the postpostcalled pioneers of outsourcing, i believe in insourcing. >> brit: here is the adput out by the romney campaign that challenges the president on that point. >> when a doesn't tell the truth how can we trust him to attack. outsourcing attacks are misleading and unfair can unthere is no evidence that mitt romney shipped jobs over seas. joining us is karl rove, founder of the republican super ac american cross roads and joe trippi that was howar dean's campaign manager. welcome. >> the question that is raised by the bain attacks is whether they are having an affect and eroding mitt romney's standing with the voters and secondly whether the romney camp is wise to hold back as it has with the spinnin
night after atending four events in san antonio, texas. he is expected to hold a series of official meetings in d.c. today before heading to florida for a two-day campaign trip. meantime, mitt romney is taking a fight to ohio as his campaign gets ready to release a new tv ad accusing president obama of crony capitalism. >>> triple digit temperatures could have us all paying more no our groceries in the coming months. >> farmers hit by one of the worst droughts in decades. we'll get an update coming up next. first, let's talk about the weather situation here in the dmv with tucker barnes. >> more triple digit temperatures on the way across the washington area or we'll get awfully close. also thunderstorms return. i'll give you all the latest weather headlines and lauren demarco is in. she will have a look at your traffic right after the break. [ mom ] dear chex cereal, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impossible. you made gluten free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband found t
. it is high are than new york city which came in at number 10. >> not surprised by that. >> houston, texas is the coolest city in the country. here is how forbes defines cool, as having plenty of entertainment options, green am jobs. >> it didn't say good sports teams. >> d.c. and houston, they're about the same -- >> we're turning the corner. things are looking up. >> yeah, we are. >> not houston-like weather though here. >> not today. the summer certainly felt like it. yesterday, only in the 80s for i think the seventh or eighth time this month. >> we used think that felt warm and now wear like -- that is a cooldown. >> back in the old days, the upper 80s were uncomfortable. now, we look forward to it. reagan national, 89 degrees. we'll probably be a degree or two cooler as we'll have more in the waive cloudiness. bwi marshall, 87 degrees. nice cloud-watching weather too. temperatures right now in washington, 75 degrees. low 70s off to the north and west. these temperatures will likely fall back a little further so we'll wake up with temperatures in the upper 60s in many spots. 70 in man
. investigators now are trying to figure out why it happened. >> new video from a texas car crash that may make you cringe. last friday a commuter bus slammed into four cars on a highway offramp in dallas. two people were injured in this crash. the bus driver is on administrative leave for failing to yield to traffic. >> and in ohio police say a three-car crash was caused by a wasp. a driver was spooked when she saw the wasp on her arm, swerved and overcorrected into oncoming traffic. six people are hurt including two children but are all expected to be okay. >>> another big story tonight, george zimmerman out on bond. this time the former neighborhood watchman has strict conditions. fox's phil keating has details. >> reporter: george zimmerman released from a florida jail for a second time. this comes just a day after a jung set his bond at 1 mill -- judge set his bond at $1 million. zimmerman is awaiting his second degree murder trial for killing trayvon martin, an unarmed black teenager. his attorney says zimmerman is not a threat. >> there's no concern in my mind he would flee. he's certai
: talk about padilla and teixeira, they were teammates with texas in '06 and '07. here comes a 1-2 pitch. strike three called. one on, one out. first out of the eighth inning. mortensen comes back after the walk with a strikeout. when padilla would hit guys while pitching for the rangers, those other teams would retaliate by hitting the rangers' best hitter named mark teixeira. at one point teixeira went up to padilla, said, hey, knock it off. unless you want to stand in there and get hit. >> tim: which doesn't happen in the american league because of the dh. >> joe: i'm getting drilled because you're hitting batters. he didn't. then they faced each other in '09. teixeira's first year with the yankees. padilla was pitching for the phillies. teixeira took padilla deep in the first two at-bats of the game, and then padilla drilled teixeira. >> tim: hitting three times in 17 at-bats. >> joe: last night padilla was on the mound and mark teixeira got him for a two-run triple in the seventh inning. big part of that 10-8 win for the yankees on friday night. here's a base hit to left off the bat
, texas. no cause of death has been given so far. he started his career on stage and in 1975 joined the cast of the jeffersons even though the character first and in all in the family. helmsley was 74 years old. >> i can remember, seems like only yesterday that show was on the air, with his little walk, swinging his arms, so confident. >> the district's first report card for teachers coming up. let's check in with tucker. or not. we'll see you on the other side of the break. >>> taking a look at the washington monument and it looks like the cameras bouncing a little bit. now, tucker, is there a little bit of a breeze out there or is it just that we possibly moved the camera. >> there is a little bit of a breeze. could be squirrels around the camera. >> they love to do that this time of day. >> it is very nice out. our temperatures have been falling into the comfortable range overnight. we'll be in for a good one. >> good news. you can put your jacket on. >> i still am a little hot but i've got other issues going on. i'm under hot lights. you can appreciate that. 93 at reagan nationa
is baking. wichita is baking and now the heat has shifted down into texas. this quasi frontal system is huge for some of the folks that had so much hot, hot weather. northern-central plains and into the midwest and this will be the setup, too, for the next several days. so, we'll stay nearly normal with the temperatures in the unsettled each day and some upper 60s in the subissues and otherwise on the muggy and mild side. again, tomorrow is much like today and a mix of clouds and sun. the temperatures in the upper 80s and we'll warm up a little bit thursday, friday, and saturday, and nothing extreme and that is as for us. >> and -- . >> and that is back there eating it. >> you're stock piling, are you? >> that's right. >> and thank you, gary. we appreciate it. >>> and light go to redskins park. >> and rg3 wrapped up a second press conference this preseason with the media and some -- and he feels better now compared to the otas and minicamp and it's funny, he credits the defense and said the coaches were throwing the whole gamut at him and making him a better quarterback and has good chemistr
home in el paso, texas. the character of george jefferson first appeared in all in the family. hemsley was 74 years old. >>> american idol's announcement singer mariah cary will be a judge next season is getting favorable reactions. fox's william lajeunesse has the latest. . >> reporter: the world of entertainment is abuzz over the news that powerhouse female vocalist mariah cary will join the judges panel for season 12 of american idol. some former contestants are upset she wasn't there when they had their turn on stage. >> i think a lot of us are angry because she's a big role model and is coming in this year. it's exciting for them, but oh, my god, i wish she there was when we were there. >> i was so upset. everything happens for a reason and hopefully i'll get to go back to the set and get to meet her. >> reporter: from idol to glee, the general consensus is carey will do great. >> i'm a huge fan. that album butterfly helped me get my chops. like i practiced with that countless times. >> she's definitely going to bring class and comedy. i love watching her interviews. she's so p
arapo from texas. >> looking forward to talking to him. stay cool out there, lindsay. >> will do. >>> it's hard to stay cool when that heat index is feeling -- if you don't have fans, that feels nasty. gary mcgrady? >> and you know, we get relief for the weekend. >> okay. >> and if everything goes as planned next week, we'll be pushing 90. >> okay. >> and that is goings to make us feel cooler here and that is the hottest on record and this is what that is looks like out there. south of us around dale city and they have basically just dissipated and so nothing is going there. the real heavy stuff, the severe weather is really south of 64. most of this now is south of richmond. technically, we do have a thunderstorm watch in place and that is in place for culpeper county. that that i will call for a spotty thunderstorm. most of this thunder activity is staying to the south of us this evening and there is a chance that something can bubble up. we'll be watching it. 89 at 7:00 and 85 or so at 9:00 and temperatures, lower 80s. remember how hot and muggy it was last night? >> uh-huh. >> should
the texas heat for the d.c. humidity. think he feels that way now? it's only the first day of camp and robert is getting high praise from his teammates. >> he has a natural leadership which i've been really impressed with. he has the ability to command an offense, command a meeting room. it's contagious, his attitude and i think he's a terrific addition for us. >> his personality, his aura about himself is one of great leadership, qualities, just some of the things he does, you know, that rookies don't generally, do you know, getting the guys together in waco. that's big time. >> he's a competitor like a couple of us are and like the most of us are. that's not good enough for him. that's just where it begins. when he steps on that practice field, he's a player, he's a leader of our team and that's 0 we need him to be and that's what -- what we need him to be and that's what he expects himself to be. >> same drill tomorrow, walk- through in the morning and practice at 3 p.m. if it gets too hot, they can move to the bubble, but i'm thinking if he didn't move to the bubble today, it's
and yesterday, robert said he would trade the texas heat any day for the d.c. humidity. i wonder if he feels that way today. early this morning, we caught up with the skins gm bruce allen and asked him when he knew the redskins knew rg3 was their guy. >> and we made that decision early in february and as an organization, we met and addressed the weaknesses we had in our franchise and that quarterback position was something we wanted to do. it was a rare year where we were drafting low and we're going to be at number six, and we decided we would like to quarterbacks. when we made the trade, we were not sure what quarterbacking and the month of january and february we did a lot of research on the two young men and we knew either could be a great redskin. >> and that other young man he's talking about is andrew, the colts drafted him with the number one overall pick. at 6:00, we'll hear what players have to say about the new quarterback. for now, we sunday it to paul wagner and, paul, i heard fans came to see some today? >> reporter: it was not that long ago the fans were coming here to see the
. the sandwiches had been prepared by the same catering company. >>> president obama will be campaigning in texas today. mitt romney will be in pennsylvania. romney says president obama is taxing his business record because the president's record is so weak. >> the poll show those attacks are working and they have republicans on the defensive. james rosen has more. >> i think when people accuse you of a crime, you have every reason to go after them pretty hard. >> reporter: facing a growing clamor from within his party that he toughen up and start throwing punches, mitt romney release a web video that accuses president obama of crass cronyism by rewarding donors with stimulus funds and government jobs. >> this is a tough time for the people of america fur a campaign contributor to barack obama, your business may stand to get hundreds of millions of dollars in cash from the government. i think it is wrong. i think it sinks to high heaven. >> reporter: the obama campaign in turn sited two ill-fated loans that the state of massachusetts gave when romney was governor to companies run by donors to com
of texas punch a few key strokes into this computer. >> two, one, capture. >> reporter: the drone goes wildly off course now receiving instructions not from gps, but from a transmitter that sends false signals to the drone's navigation system, a so-called spoofer. the effect is so dramatic a safety pilot with the radio control has to save the drone from crashing. >> spoofing a gps receiver on a uav is just another way of hijacking a plane. >> reporter: if that sounds shocking, it's because it is. with this experiment humphries illuminated a gaping hole in the government's plan to open up u.s. airspace to gps guided drones. >> in five or 10 years we've got 30,000 drones in the national airspace, each one of these could be a potential missile to be used against us. >> reporter: until now gps guided drones have been limited mostly to the battlefield in places like iraq, afghanistan and yemen or patrolling our southern border. earlier this year congress ordered the faa to come up with rules to allow drones to fly broadly over u.s. soil by 2015. they could be used for law enforcement, mon
meats rallied supporters while talk is talking to people in ohio. president obama will go to texas on tuesday. >>> and there is some more evidence the u.s. economy is slowing. for the first time since 2008, a consumer report shows the retail sales have fallen for three consecutive months and consumers spent a half% less last month. a majority of firms don't plan to add jobs the next six months. the current unemployment rate is 8.2%. >>> a big milestone in the 30- year battle against the hiv virus. the fda approved the first drug shown to reduce the risk of hiv infections. the virus that causes aids. the pill called truveda works as a preventive measure for people at high risk of getting hiv. clinical studies show that it helps reduce infection rates by 75% in heterosexual couples where one partner was infected with hie. >>> and author steven colby died. a coworker said that he died from complications stemming from a serious bicycle accident three months ago and aside from his popular seven habits book, he wrote three other books. he was 79 years old. >>> coming up, the case against
in turkey. >>> more than 150 airline passengers are angry after being stranded in a texas airport for over 16 hours. a unite flight traveling from orlando to l.a. made an emergency landing at midland international airport sunday due to a medical emergency. the unexpected touchdown caused a havered landing that damaged the plane. opinions say they weren't given any hotel vouchers and end up sleeping at the airport without any access to food or water for six hours. >>> developing in the colorado wildfires now, people in colorado springs are finally allowed back into their homes as firefighters gain some control of the waldo canyon fire. the most destructive fire in the state's history has now burned 350 homes and more than 17,000 acres just since june 23rd. >>> the fatal crash of a c-130 military cargo plane in south dakota is forcing the air force to ground seven other tankers. >>> some big problems for local 911 after the storm. the question is is service fully restored? we'll hear from a 911 fill on that. >>> we've got warm and humid conditions to start your day. it will be hot later toda
. sherman helmsley was found dead at his home in el paso, texas of natural causes at the age of 74. we've been singing that song all morning. gotten stuck in our heads. it was a great show. >> he was on that other show in the '80s in the mid '80s, called amen. >> i forgot about that. >> he played a deacon on that. nothing like the jeffersons. >> it was a great character. >> the jeffersons are a classic. little stroll as our floor director tells us, it was the philadelphia stroll. whatever you want to call it but it was funny. >> yeah. i used to love the show. here is the thing. you only had a couple of channels back this. i know every show from the '70s. >> we had that discussion as well this morning. >> all right. >> 73 right now in washington. a great looking forecast for your wednesday. >> great! >> go out and enjoy lunch. are we going to do some maps? >> we just like to look at you. >> ever day i show up, i'm hoping they're going to let me back on the air. 66 in manassas. there you go. check out how comfortable it is getting off to the west and north as we are following back into t
of thousands of dollars at least in property damage. >>> lightning blamed for a tragedy in houston, texas. two people died from a lightning strike. 200 people were in the area when the storm hit. >>> some areas of the nation see heavy rain, and it's a different story in the midwest. >> extreme heat and lack of rainfall has led to dry conditions and it's getting worse creating big problems for area farmers. sarah joins us instudio with details. >> today it could be announced the 2012 drought is one of the top 10 worst in u.s. history. it could rank up there with some years of the dust bowl during the great depression. >> we're in the worst position here today than we've been in in about 30 years. >> reporter: a lack of significant rainfall continues to cause problems for those in the midwest. lack of water in indianapolis has prompted city officials to enact a mandatory watering ban. patrols are on the lookout, as residents are prohibited from watering lawns, washing cars and filling swimming pools. >> we want to make sure everybody realizes this is a serious violation. >> reporter: the drought
to the south to campaign in texas top and there's word mitt romney could announce his vp sometime this week. >>> it is far from a sure bet tonight. the maryland governor martin o'malley says there is still a strong possibility he will call for a special session this summer to expand gambling. that expansion could bring a casino to prince george's county specifically the national harbor. o'malley met this morning with montgomery county executive ike leggette and prince george's county executive rushern baker to talk about the plan. >> this has to happen. this is millions of dollars for the state of maryland, millions of dollars for prince george's county and baltimore city. >> governor owe mamie says he won't call a special session -- o'malley says he won't call a special session until he has an agreement from house leaders they will consider expansion. he is set to meet with the house speaker and general assembly president tomorrow. >>> now a story of hope and determination, it's almost impossible for a laurel man with cerebral palsy to maneuver his motorized wheelchair around the house he
carolina... bloomington, california... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love. this is for everyone back home. it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. >> chris: the washington post ran a chart of the deadliest shootings massacre in aurora ranked ninth. one good thing is, we are shocked and outraged when one of our fellow citizens acts so savagely. we find it impossible to believe. we leave you with the sound images of the rampage in aurora, colorado. it is multiple victims. >> they are down. get down . >> i have a child victim and i need r
obama heads to texas, that's where he'll headline a series of fundraisers for gay, latino and big donor supporters. he'll likely pick up attacks on romney's tax policies, claiming they will benefit the rich at the cost of the middle class. his campaign will try to keep the tension on romney -- attention on romney's time at bain capital. today's events could bring in as much as $5 million. meanwhile, mitt romney is trying to deflect attention from his business records and stepping up his attacks on what he calls cronyism in the white house. senior aides to former governor romney hint he may have his vice presidential selection by the end of the week. and also the end of the week the first lady will make appearances in charlottesville and fredericksburg, virginia, on friday. meanwhile, back on capitol hill, more indications the economy could be heading over a fiscal cliff. today the senate will get an update on the nation's financial health from fed chairman ben bernanke. but congress needs to take action to avert a disaster. if lawmakers and the white house don't reach a deal in the next
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a homicide. >>> texas community mourning the loss of one of their own police officers. 44-year-old josh williams was responding to a call early saturday morning, when police say a drunk driver crashed into his cruiser killer him. not only was the other driver drug behind the wheel but didn't have any lights on. he is in hospital, and will be charged with intoxication manslaughter, once he is released. >>> thousands of people in tokyo, rallied around parliament, demanding an end to nuclear power japan's government is planning to restart nuclear power generation but many are against the move. it was halted after the fukushima tsunami, during today's protest many wore gas masks and beat on big yellow oil drums. >>> memorial service for a youngster killed in -- young surfer killed in a vicious shark attack. they gathered to remember the 24-year-old, he was surfing with a friend when attacked by a shark the fifth person in the past 10 months to be killed by a shark off australia's southwest coast. >> two weeks ago i lost the love of my life, my best friend my rock my inspiration and my soul >>> a texas family, is searching for a chihuahua. sierra is diabetic all the time she has spent walking around the in heat is compromising her health. >> her sugar was 600 friday night and last night it was 49. so she is going from highs to lows. >> he mean it is world to me he is like my son i can't lose him just leave him alone if i know he is out here in this world, or somewhere close by i won't stop missing until i find him. >> the family hired a pet detective but that didn't work they are still putting up flyers. >>> weather you mentioned not out of the words entirely. >> no, i think there could still be thunderstorms rumbling about. we had severe storms earlier. we are going right on over to radar, first we will show you the tower camera shot, you can see clouds in the background, not everybody gets it but these are weakening a little bit, and as they weaken, substantially out there, they spread a lot of their clouds out, okay, so it looks like a lot of the area is becoming cloudy that doesn't mean you are going to get in on the rain. this is sentinel radar, you can
, california... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love this is for everyone back home it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. >>> many of you responded to our interview with a ledgebbedary energy executive >> brian: nicholas watson writes. i enjoy t boone pickens and like his straight answer and we need to think about energy more than a pocket book issue. he is brilliant we need him as energy secretary and that was not big enough for amanda. i would happily go on for mr. pickens as next president of the united states because energy is the most important energy right now. that's it for today. have a great week. we'll see you on the next "fox news sunday". ♪ "fox news sunday" is a ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this bridge. your new car probably rode thesed rails. that shipment you just received was tracked by satellite. we build and maintain. we invest and innovate. so we can deliver what america needs. this year alone, freight rail companies plan to spend twenty-three billion of their own money, not taxpayer dollars, to build bridges, maintain track,
. >> party with the president. holly y is live at mount vernon to show us how the his texas home is welcoming crowds for a celebration like no other. >> can't wait. be right back. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week, the farm comes to you. fresh sweet corn is an amazing 6 for a buck. deer park water is just $3.33 a case. and honey bunches of oats just $1.88 a box. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. happy july 4th to you. what better place to celebrate than at the home of our first president. that's why we came to mount vernon this morning. as you can manage, they have lots of fun things planned. we're going to check out things that are new and different that you have not seen. we'll start with hospitality here at the visitors center. on display only through tomorrow is martha washington's cookbook. and we're going to talk ab
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